300.000 people with mental illnesses or disabilities were killed in Nazi Germany because they were considered an “useless burden” to society. These murders show utter inhumanity against helpless people. They were based on the false belief, that severe mental disorders were incurable. The project “Memory against Inhumanity”, cofinanced by the European Union, has asked high school students in four European countries what they know about people with mental illness and what they think is inhuman behavior today. The students' answers to these questions are shown in the short films, produced for this Video Contest. Their videos, often surprising and always sincere, deal with the topic mental illness or discuss contemporary forms of inhumanity. For the contest the shorts will be presented with English subtitles, deliberately mixing the themes and the countries of origin. In January 2019, the winners will be awarded at the conclusive conference of all participating schools in Milan.


Mettete mi piace ai cortometraggi realizzati dagli alunni della classe V D della nostra scuola!

Cliccate sui seguenti link e su "mi piace"

Look Beyond (Guarda Oltre)

Humanity towards the future (L'umanità verso il futuro)


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